Lonely Planet recommends to visit Belgrade in January


Lonely Planet recommends to visit Belgrade in January, among other world destinations.

Renowned international portal Lonely Planet recommends Belgrade as a destination that should be visited in January.

Lonely Planet recommends to visit St Sava Temple during Ortodox Christmas, (7th january) and share the super-sized Christmas bread with Belgraders on Terazije Square.

On January the 13th (Serbian New Year), Lonely Planet recommends to choose a tavern in the bohemian 19th-century Skadarlija quarter, where you can dig into hearty local cuisine and let loose with live Balkan music.

Finally, if you're brave, plunge into Ada Ciganlija's freezing waters to race for the Epiphany cross on 19 January. Warm up later with shots of the ultimate firewater, rakija, even if you don't win a year's worth of blessings.

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